Friday, January 29, 2010

Sisters to the Core

I wouldn't say my sister and I are all that competitive, more like open to the powers of suggestion. She usually calls me on her drive home from work. Since her time is 2 hours behind, this means I usually have just finished eating dinner. She needs to know what I had to eat and when I tell her, this makes her crave the very same thing. If she doesn't have it at home, she stops at the grocery store. So this is the way it is between us. Well, the other day she told me she ordered something from QVC, so I looked it up online. Yep, you got it! I ordered the very same thing. What you might ask? Nothing less than 1 Total Core Abdominal Machine with Slim Down DVD and meal plan. Wish us luck!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Counting Sheep

Sleep alludes me. Try as I might. Listening to house noise trying to decipher the sounds. Eyes feel heavy yet can't keep them closed. Quieting thoughts a laborious process. Weeding the mind of unwanted growth. Encouraging tranquillity and relaxation. Willing stillness of body and soul. Surrounded by darkness yet exuding warmth. Uncertain of my wants and needs but allowing security to claim any insecurities. To find peace in dreams. Conscience a mere protocol. Lapses of memory but a residue. Fading into oblivion. Sleep is nigh.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Nine Lives of a Cat

If I were a cat, I am unsure how many lives I would have left, however, since I last wrote, I lost one life of a cat by surviving a car accident. Each cat life lost is a new appreciation for living so I have renewed my vows for gratitude and living in the present moment. We need reminders every now and then. I sustained four fractures, but by fracture standards since non-displaced, they are not significant enough to require casting or surgery to recover. Just time, rest and rehab. Unfortunately, the older we get the longer it takes. If I were a child, this would be a mere bounce of a ball. Suffice it to say, this old ball has become rather deflated and won't bounce too high anymore. Not that I'm complaining mind you. My life has plenty of omph left for me to be living in the fullest. And as far as how many cat lives are left, I'd rather not know, but take encouragement that cats always land on their feet when they fall.