Monday, June 22, 2009

Susie Sells Shells at the Sea Shore

Here I am at the shore in Ocean City, New Jersey and racking my brain trying to come up with something to write about. I traipsed around the boardwalk admiring or disapproving of the various fashion statements of the day. I think things like when I was their age, I looked as good as they do and I could have worn that in my time. I also compare myself to people my own age and think I look younger than they do or I am not as heavy as that. Of course, if they are younger and thinner than myself, I just ignore them to look for the more decrepid so I can feel more superior. Tomorrow, I plan on going to the beach so I can think malicious thoughts like with knockers like that, they will be hanging to her knees when she is my age. Just let her jog like that then and she will be giving herself black eyes....HA!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Low & Behold

My Mother's room mate, although 92, appears to be quite with it, as I had determined while watching birds visit the bird feeder outside her window. I remarked about the red winged blackbirds that I do not see from my locale, a mere 10 miles away. The room mate was quick to announce that they were nothing compared to the white peacocks that visited upon occasion. At this point, I doubted her reliability since surely white peacocks were not likely to visit. As I was leaving, I inquired at the Nursing Desk if my Mom's room mate was entirely lucid and was assured she was, so I mentioned the white peacocks. Low and behold, a neighboring property did possess said peacocks, so I smiled glad to think the age of 92 is obtainable without lapse of mental facilities. I only wish that could be said for my Mother.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Grown Up at Last

When I visited my mother, who is a resident at Willowbrooke Court, which actually is as lovely as it sounds, it took a while for her to identify me by whom I was not. My sister is not my Mother nor am I my deceased Aunt. I am not Eva, a childhood friend. Finally, she admitted having a daughter by my name but looked incredulous when I told her that was me. She looked at me hard and said without batting an eye....."You grew up!"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Come Again Some Other Day

Today, when I was taking a shower, I thought what's the point of getting out? It's been raining outside for days now so why not stay in here where I can control the water temperature and not have to deal with umbrellas. This made sense to me until I started to feel guilty for using so much water in my solitary pursuit. Perhaps if I was sharing the shower, I could rationalize staying in longer but that was not the case. So I got out of the shower. Then I thought, why bother drying off since I will be getting wet when I go out. Why bother drying my hair when it too will only be getting wet again. Then reality set in and I realized just how wet can one person get walking only 30 feet outside to get into a car? Rain, rain, go away. You are making me water logged and soggy in the head!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Woe is Me!

All along, I thought tobacco addition would be the only addition for me to overcome. And I did do that when the nicotine patch first came out about 15 + years ago or it seems to me. Having fought that battle more than once, I was determined to do it permanently that time and I did! I then felt the superiority of accomplishment that only an ex-smoker can experience and it did cause me to look down upon cigarette smokers at large. They were so duped! How stupid were they to penalize their own health. But what just happened to me I did not see coming. I got sucked into the Internet vortex so much so that when my Fios connection went phooey and I lost not only my phone and TV but also my computer access, I felt crazed!! Horror of horrors! Not for one day but for five whole days! It will not be fixed until Tuesday, so as you can tell, I am posting from where I work. I wish I had a computer patch to get me over this void. And a Head's Up: Verizon looks good until you need servicing.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cause Your Face Looks Like This

Over the week end, I played toss the beach ball with an energetic six year old. Well, the toss part soon became a version of dodge ball of sorts with goals to win points. His goal line was anything I could not reach and my goal line was the opening of a pop up tent. See the problem here? Is it no wonder Wonder Boy was winning this game? At some point, I was asked if I was having fun. Sure, I said, why do you ask? Cause your face looks like this, I was told. Well, it didn't look like that for long cause that kid sure does know how to make me smile.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring Fever

Optimism. That is what I call this idea of starting a post with nary an idea of what to write. It has always been a challenge to find the words to fill a blank page. In this month of June, where green proliferation abounds, surely I should find a plethora of subjects to expound at great lengths. Not so, unfortunately. So I will plead being a victim of Spring Fever. I best do this before Summer arrives and I loose the excuse. This is the time of year to daydream afterall. I rest my case. Think I'll go watch the birds.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Speed Racer

I was just asked if I "feel the need for speed". Of course, it was a TV commercial which makes me think no one really cares what my answer might be. But why ask something if no response is required? Now I am left pondering this query trying to decide if I need speed or not. And once I come to my conclusion, whom do I tell? Will my desire for speed qualify me as an astronaut for Nasa's Space Shuttle program? Actually, the commercial was for the Philadelphia Bike Race and not some illicit market for methamphetamine. At my age, the need for speed would probably classify me as some space cadet whose only speedy need would be a hopped up rocking chair.