Saturday, June 20, 2009

Low & Behold

My Mother's room mate, although 92, appears to be quite with it, as I had determined while watching birds visit the bird feeder outside her window. I remarked about the red winged blackbirds that I do not see from my locale, a mere 10 miles away. The room mate was quick to announce that they were nothing compared to the white peacocks that visited upon occasion. At this point, I doubted her reliability since surely white peacocks were not likely to visit. As I was leaving, I inquired at the Nursing Desk if my Mom's room mate was entirely lucid and was assured she was, so I mentioned the white peacocks. Low and behold, a neighboring property did possess said peacocks, so I smiled glad to think the age of 92 is obtainable without lapse of mental facilities. I only wish that could be said for my Mother.

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