Monday, June 8, 2009

Cause Your Face Looks Like This

Over the week end, I played toss the beach ball with an energetic six year old. Well, the toss part soon became a version of dodge ball of sorts with goals to win points. His goal line was anything I could not reach and my goal line was the opening of a pop up tent. See the problem here? Is it no wonder Wonder Boy was winning this game? At some point, I was asked if I was having fun. Sure, I said, why do you ask? Cause your face looks like this, I was told. Well, it didn't look like that for long cause that kid sure does know how to make me smile.


Annette said...

Andrew loves Calvin. He has all the books. In fact he could have been the kid they modeled Calvin after except he has dark hair. LOL

Say It Out Loud Girl said...

At least he makes you smile. MOst days he drives me nuts!