Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dumb Doing Occurances

I can't believe I have not done anything stupid enough to be worthy of writing about lately. I usually do something befuddling at least once a day. Maybe I do and forget about it? That is a frightening thought. I do often have to stop to remember what it was that I was going to do. So making lists helps out a great deal. I forget names when introduced to someone new but I have always had a problem with that even with a much younger brain. Anyway, I shall be on alert for any dumb doings to occur and write it down before I forget what it was. How's that for a New Year's Resolution? Dumb, eh? Let me write this one down.


Mindless Mary said...

I sent out two birthday cards last week and got one back in the mail the other day - I forgot to put the recipient's address. I know I will get the other back because I didn't put the ZIP code. I was going to look them up but I guess I forgot to do it before I dropped the cards in the mail. And I'm only 51.5, what will I be like in 10 years???

a striver for sanity said...

Well at least you remembered to put your return address on! Otherwise you would never have known they didn't get to where they were suppose to go!