Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Proud American

Watching yesterday's historic Washington proceedings made my breast swell with pride! But not enough to qualify for a larger bra size unfortunately. I was so very impressed with how well orchestrated everything was. For that many people to gather on the mall without one incident of arrest speaks well of our citizenry. In such crowded circumstances, you'd expect someone to step on somebody's foot or something to start up a confrontation but no one allowed such unpleasantness to sully the occasion. The speech was legendary, the parade well rendered and well received, the gala balls were incredulous and the news coverage what we've come to expect as complete and thorough. The day shone like a beacon for other countries to admire and hope to emulate. All in all, the event appeared seamless and well planned to the minutest of detail. I couldn't have planned a better party myself! I bet even Martha Stewart was envious. God bless America and Obama! He has his work cut out for him!

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Annette said...

It was awesome wasn't it? I wanted to be there. At least I could watch on TV.