Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disappointed Main Line

I was so sorry for the loss of Villanova against North Carolina in the Final Fours last night. I did try to watch it off and on but the screeching of their shoes on the hardwood floor made me cringe. I did use mute. I went to Nursing School on the Main Line and we girls had a song we sang about the Villanova boys...."Let's have a V for Villanova, I for Intoxication, L for Love and L for Lust, A for Anything Goes, N for Never Spending Money, O for Other Girls, V for Virility and A for Animals!" It's funny the things we remember, when I have trouble remembering what I had for dinner last night.

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diane said...

I never could get into basketball on t.v. because of that squeaking noise, so I didn't know Villanova was a basketball team. They could have been a nun's shopping team for all I know.