Sunday, April 26, 2009

No Mexico for Me!

Let's face it, listening to news these days is a scary proposition. Some days, I am not even up to it. Other days, I obsess over it. Recently though, the Swine Flu has caught my attention. Just the name associated with it sounds far more serious than say the Piggley Wiggley Cold or the Porky Pig Bug. There could be varying strengths of it. Like the Piglet vs. Hog variations. This gives a whole new meaning to bringing home the bacon. Hold the mayo and the H1N1 virus please! As if the drug cartel was reason enough to not go to Mexico!


Maureen said...

Don't you know they have to give it a fancy name to keep us on high alert? And what's the difference between just 'the flu' and the SWINE flu??
I decided against the ham sandwich for lunch today, just to cover my bases.

Annette said...

My dad called tonight all keyed up about the threat of swine flu. I told him I wasn't that worried and then my mom the nurse said we should pay attention to what's going on. I didn't think to ask her what the difference was between the flue and the swine flu as Maureen mentioned. Interestingly in the 70's there was a swine flu scare and I vividly remember it because the little girl I babysat for overheard us talking about getting shots and she declared she wasn't getting a fine swoo shot. LOL