Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stupidity in Advertising

Why is seeing a couple each in their own bath tub on a beach suppose to be good advertising for Cialis? I don't get it? Is it the daily dose of Cialis that requires the need for more baths to be taken? Is the man taking a cold soaking to keep his lusts at bay? Is the woman taking a nice warm soak to soothe her parts of overused anatomy? Are they sexaholics that sell bathtubs to generate enough money for hubby to take Cialis on a daily basis? There is another ad for a similiar product whose name escapes me, but at least the guy has a big smile on his face. Now that is easier to relate to even if I can't remember what it's called. I do remember Cialis though. Maybe that's the point.

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Annette said...

Sometimes the ad is so stupid you can't even remember what they were selling. My husband calls the drug commercials spleen exploding commercials after one of the drug ones mentioned spleen rupturing as a possible side effect. I mean who would want to take it after hearing that?