Monday, March 9, 2009

Mad Mad Libber on Loose

I received this weird e-mail offering weekly revenues of 1 to 3k per week. Why would anyone want to do any business with someone who would include this strange post?

"Any freight train can go deep sea fishing with a paycheck over a mastadon, but it takes a real chain saw to throw a load bearing fairy at another scythe. When you see a submarine, it means that a single-handledly alleged girl scout daydreams. The usually childlike wheelbarrow figures out a nuclear cocker spaniel. A frightened avocado pit takes a coffee break, and a fractured apartment building earns frequent flier miles; however, the abstraction conquers a crane. Any movie theater can know a cargo bay, but it takes a real reactor to reach an understanding with a blotched crane."

1 comment:

Dr Zibbs said...

I used to love those stupid ad libs!