Monday, March 2, 2009

Meet Dawn and Twilight

R and I take our sister act on to the road again. It takes two of us to drive. One to steer and the other to navigate. My job is to read road signs. There are these cautionary road signs to warn of donkey crossings much like the deer crossing signs we have in Pennsylvania. One such sign says what it says above. I read the sign saying, "Donkey Crossings. Dawn and Twilight," to which R responded, "The donkey's name are Dawn and Twilight? The donkeys have names?" I immediately exclaimed, "I can't believe you just said that!" We were laughing so hard our eyes were watering making it impossible to see if any donkeys were crossing the road or not!

1 comment:

Annette said...

I hope you are enjoying the weather there. There was suppose to be 12 + inches of snow in your neck of the woods.
About the donkey crossing-be glad it's donkey's and not cougars which is what we had in Arizona and Calif. LOL