Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dodging Bullets Hawaiian Style

Last evening, we settled down to recoup from our busy day. All of a sudden we hear POP, POP, KABOOM! KABOOM! I was about to look out of the window by parting the drapes, but my sis screamed at me to get away from the windows. It could be gun fire. She hit the deck. So there we were crawling around on the floor to avoid what sounded like explosions and shooting bullets. I crawled to the phone and dialed the front desk to inquire if there was any firework display and the operator said no. None at our resort. At my sis' insistence, I urged the operator to call the police. She reassured me that she would call us back. That left us in a quandary wondering where the safest place for us to cower away from any windows would be. We were trying to decide which bathroom would be the best when the phone rang. By this time, the explosions sounded louder and more insistent. R answered the phone with "Call the police! We are under attack!" At which time, the operator informed us that the Hilton across the street was having a firework show. I missed seeing the most amazing sight of my life because we were crouched on the floor dodging non existent bullets! We have never laughed so hard in our life!

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Say It Out Loud Girl said...

This is the first of many stories from your trip that will entertain us all.
We miss you LOTS!!!