Friday, February 6, 2009

The Girls Day Out

Wednesday, I preformed my annual pilgrimage. I followed all the rules, no deodorant, no powder, no lotion. It had snowed the night before, so I had to dig out my car. I allowed extra time to get there not knowing the condition of the roads. I reached my destination safe and sound. I had a questionnaire to fill out requiring me to remember back to the first day of my curse. I also had to remember how many children I had. I think I aced that one. Somethings are harder to forget than others. Childbirth being one of them. I put on the required blue gown with the opening in the front. After that, it was a blur of flattening, squishing and holding my breath. I was told to get dressed and go home. Two days later, I notice the girls are tender. Then I remembered the agony I put them through. But you know what? I'm glad I did to have the peace of mind that I can continue to have custody of the twins. I encourage others to follow suit. The cartoon is a way to prepare yourself for the film debut of Gladys and Erma. Or whatever your names for them may be.

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