Friday, February 20, 2009

Taking Our Act On the Road

Busyness precludes silliness. I've been too busy to be silly. But with a road trip in the offering with my sister and I coming up next week, I am sure there will be ample opportunity for Murphy's Law to take effect. Even blind naked mole rats have an advantage over us since they are endowed with their own natural instincts. My sis and I were born with developmental topographical disorientation Neither one of us has any sense of direction, so it is always an adventure for us to maneuver to any given location. If we ever get to where we are suppose to go, look for fireworks. If we don't find it, look for flares.


Annette said...

A road trip sounds PA or somewhere new?

a striver for sanity said...

Somewhere new....Hawaii!

Annette said...

Oh that will be wonderful. I've been twice. Once to the Big Island and once to Oahu. Don't miss the US Arizona Memorial if you get a chance on Oahu. Have a great trip!