Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Joys of Owning Pets

Three dark O'thirty in the morning, I was sleeping like a baby with Siri the cat cradled in my arms. Out of no where, I heard erkle, erkle, bleh, splat and the sensation of warmth on my pajamas. I jumped out of bed, flew into the bathroom disrobing as I fled, washed my hands and shook on some baby powder (seemed appropriate at the time). I could still hear Siri retching elsewhere in the house. I climbed back under the covers to commence sleeping. When I awoke not wearing any pj's I knew it was not from any canoodling going on. I arose to shower, pulled open the shower curtain only to find a cat had peed on the drain. If a cat is to use the bathroom, at least they could learn to pee on the toilet. Ah, yes, yet another day of the joys of pet ownership!


Dr Zibbs said...

The best is to just set it free now. Go ahead...I'll wait.

Murphy's Mom said...

Could be worse...we all KNOW it could be worse...hence we are grateful. :)