Friday, December 12, 2008

O Christmas Tree

This year putting up the Christmas tree was a solitary performance. Not that I really minded doing it by myself for I rather enjoy the peaceful activity done in solitude while reflecting on memories past. Each ornament holds a special meaning. Some old. Some new. Some homemade. Some child made. Some unique. Some commonplace. But each one contributing to the beauty of the whole. My tree does not vary much year to year. A few new trinkets added here and there. This year, the old strands of lights were replaced with the new energy efficient LED lights. The new lights shine just as bright as the ones I remember in my child's eye when I was a little girl of ten. Somethings always stay the same since perfection cannot be improved upon.

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Murphy's Mom said...

Glad to hear about the new lights...I have been contemplating them too. Need to finish up our tree and decorations. Hubby is sick so I am on my own too.