Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wanna Be Grandma

So many of my friends have grandchildren to brag about and to send me their pictures. My own kids are quite old enough to have well established families but they don't. In fact, none of my three are even married. So in the presence of little babies, I get all starry-eyed, drool, make silly faces and talk baby talk making the parents leery to even have me around, much less be able to hold their infant. Even when I promise not to abscond with their child to take them to the park or visit Santa Claus can I calm their fears. My fingers quiver as I reach out to embrace the little bundles of joy. I swoon as I breathe in that fresh baby scent. I clutch them to my breast as I automatically sway back and forth and croon lullabies into tiny ears. How pathetic is that! I am a very patient person and I do know that the grandchild I am waiting for will be well worth the wait, no matter how long it takes. Although I may be too old to push them around in their stroller, I am certain I'll be able to hold them in my lap in my rocking chair, hopefully without dropping.

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