Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Granny in Waiting

I am so trying to be the eternal optimist by imagining the prospect of one day becoming a grandmother while I still have the capability of being able to push a baby stroller. I fear the thought of forgetting where I put my grandchild until the baby cries in need of feeding or a diaper change. I want to spoil the child while I still can. My daughter has a cat which is at least warm blooded. Not so with my sons. One has a ball python or a bald python. One or the other, not sure which. My other son has a pet named Snuggles which sounds a bit more charming than it really is. Although it never comes out in the light of day, which suits me just fine. I cannot even imagine snuggling with Snuggles, an Emperor Scorpion. Makes my Wanna Be Grandmotherly Heart swell with pride.


Anonymous said...

feel free to spoil my cat all you want, she's way better than a kid!

Annette said...

I agree with your daughter. LOL