Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm a firm believer every thing you need to know can be found online. Not so with hubby. Although he has learned how to turn on his own little notebook, he still prefers hard copies, that is books over cyberspace. Ever since his brain surgery last fall, he has become somewhat obsessive- compulsive. What ever he does, he throws himself in hook, line and sinker. Case in point: landscaping the front yard. He's bought upteen books on flowers, lawns, trees and scrubs. He is out there after dark working with the lights on. Yet another thing he did was run electricity out there. He put outlets all over the front of the house so we won't have to use extension cords to decorate at Christmas. We had a new front porch build and pavers put down. I must admit it is a BIG improvement even if has has gone overboard with the flowers and pots. Today, being Memorial Day, I opened the front door to find he must have gone out after dark and planted at least 25 flags all over the front yard. So here is a pic. He still has to do the grass and mulch. I feel like I need to sing the National Anthem in my own front yard.

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