Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Dog is Amazing

The other day, I went out side to play ball with Moose, my Golden Retriever, who lives for tennis balls to chase. I threw one ball out into the yard but it never came down. Had to go inside to get another ball. A few days later, Moose is walking under the magnolia tree looking up at the branches. Lo and behold. he stares at something and starts barking his fool head off. How Moose was able to spy a green tennis ball caught in a branch with all those green leaves, I'll never know. We did manage to get it down so Moose once again could be reunited with his beloved tennis ball.


Annette said...

Dogs are funny that way. If we drop a crumb of popcorn in the couch cushions and don't realize it Daisy will stare at the spot until we get it from where it dropped.

fishbonesilver said...

He truly is amazing :)