Sunday, May 31, 2009

Invitation to Disaster

Yesterday, I had opportunity to watch some of the"Man vs Wild" Marathon on the Discovery Channel with Bear Grylls. It made me realize I had better not be left stranded anywhere anytime soon. I doubt if I could survive being locked out of my own house much less forced to spend a night in a rain forest or some desert out in the middle of nowhere. Watching Bear trudging through fetid swamps eating lizards and snakes doe not inspire me to become more adventuress in the least. I wonder why a mother would name some kid Bear in the first place? I think she was inviting disaster by making him live up to her expectations. Had she named him Bob that show wouldn't even exist.


Annette said...

We don't have cable so I haven't seen it but your write up was hilarious as usual. Might have to get the DVD. Have you ever been to the humor conference in Saratoga Springs, New York?

a striver for sanity said...

Humor Conference? Never heard of it. Will have to do a search.