Friday, November 7, 2008

Canine Clean Up Both Literally & Figuratively

Waking up refreshed this morning, I did not incur any momentous obstacles while taking a shower or getting dressed. I felt stress free as I went into the kitchen to complete my AM routine. Of course, I have to feed the dogs first, then make the coffee. All went well until I discovered I was required to open a new box of cereal. The cardboard box yielded easily to my prodding fingers. However, the plastic wrapped contents may have well been encased in an iron vault! There is always the scissors alternative but I was determined to tackle this on my own. After all, I do not take those Centrum Silver vitamins for naught! I felt in a wrestling match of sorts. Me against those rotor rooter bunny pellets of a fiber cereal. I could do this! I just knew I could and I did! When ripped apart with my colossal strength the bag jumped up so it seemed spewing out the contents upon the floor much to the delight of my dogs, Moose & Ralfee the lil savage pug. Even though they had already been fed, they attacked the clean up detail with much relish and thoroughness. Problem solved so it seemed, until I realized I would have to open up yet another box of cereal. And in all probability, clean up a lot of dog poop.

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