Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Smile Worthy

Yesterday was the first day I skipped a post since I started this blog a few short weeks ago. I did not want to add another post on top of my last which begged for comments admitting to your own Mind Slipping Occurrences. Thank you to those that confessed to what some refuse to acknowledge. And I encourage you to continue to add to your lists. I think we each need to own up to being our own source of amusement, happiness and cheerleaders as we venture down life's paths. I enjoy being myself in spite of any pitfalls that come my way because the other elements make up for valleys. So I'll continue to look for humor along the way and will join in laughter at others' expense as they so choose to share. Let's all make it a point to find something worth smiling about today. I already have.

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Caffeine Court said...

Hey. I see you're from the Philly suburbs. I grew up in West Chester.