Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why Do I Worry About the Stuff I Do?

I woke up to a dilemma this morning. No, not the economic crisis, which well it should be. Perhaps a forgotten dream sequence that brought it to mind. I have no idea where this came from but I am worried about what to do with my complete set of 40 year old encyclopedias with 30 years ' worth of yearbooks. Silly, isn't it? No one has used them this last decade I feel sure. With the advent of cyberspace, everything I want to know is at my beck and call via keyboard. I suppose the best way of disposal would be to recycle. Can they be donated to the library's used book sale? On second thought, what would I put in the antique book shelves in which they are housed? DVD's would not seem appropriate to store there. Why do I even worry about this when I have trouble throwing away last months magazines? Why fool myself? They are not going anywhere. They will be bequeathed to my heirs. Maybe by then they will be worth something for their historic value or their obsoleteness. Is that a word? Let me look it up online. Well, that is another book I can get rid of, the dictionary. By the way, does anyone else sing the spelling of encyclopedia like Jiminy Cricket taught us on The Mickey Mouse Club? Just had to ask.

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larry said...

Uggah-to this day I can't spell out 'encyclopedia' without seeing visions of Jiminy Cricket!! Uggah