Saturday, November 8, 2008

Work in Progress

I can usually brush my teeth in the dark. What can I say? I'm talented that way. But today was a different story. You see, I had to turn on the light so I could remove the shrink wrap that encapsulated the container of tooth paste. It was not just a tube. This was a special 2 in 1 toothpaste & mouthwash that cleans teeth and freshens breath with whitening and stain lifters. I was able to open with relative ease, once I found out in which direction to pull the arrow. I dribbled some onto my electric toothbrush. It must be the mouthwash part that makes it dribble without having to squeeze. I scrubbed, brushed and buffed my teeth to make them sparkle and shine expecting when done to have them dazzle me in my mirror's reflection much like the Chiclets Dennis the Menace shoved into Mr. Wilson's mouth did. Remember that movie? Ok, I digress. Well, I was somewhat disappointed. Just one more thing to add to my list of what needs to get lifted. My stained teeth, my face, eye lids, neck, boobs, derriere,and I understand they do knees now as well. I am a work in progress.


Aurea Robillard said...

Too much coffee, tea, and smoking are the leading causes of stained teeth. So you better avoid or minimize these three if you want to achieve that pearly whites like Mr. Wilson's in that Dennis the Menace movie. Hehe! And yes, aging can be a factor, too.

tabbyrosa said...

Wow, that post was so old I forgot I wrote it! Thanks for commenting. I don't smoke but do enjoy both coffee and tea.