Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clothing Optional

I was listening to a classic rock station on the radio on my way to work the other day only because someone else had been driving my car previously. I usually only listen to audible books or NPR. Anyway, I heard the dj refer to his program as Philly's first clothes optional radio station. That just cracked me up for some reason. It made me think of fellow Baby Boomers jumping around and dancing in the nude! It's true, clothes are optional in the privacy of one's own home whether it be while watching TV or going online. So I'd like to make this blogspot's first clothes optional blog. Feel free to read no matter in what stage of undress.


Murphy's Mom said...

Oh gracious Goddess of Nudity! I am tickled too by the phrase clothing optional. My good friend used to say growing older is inevitable, growing up is optional.
I too used to commute through the burbs of PHILA. Always fully dressed however. Do you listen to XPN? It has been 16 years and I STILL miss that station!

a striver for sanity said...

It was WMGK known as Philadephia's classic rock radio station. Murphy's Mom, I didn't know you ever lived around here. Small world, eh?