Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

A new President-elect and for me a new decade and a new blog. I'd like to add a new me but that ain't gonna happen. So I shall content myself with what is. Having celebrated yet another anniversary of my birth within the last month, I would deem myself thoroughly ensconced in the sixth decade of my life. I always liked the fall season of the year so I anticipate the fall season of my life to be an enjoyable experience. I just got to get past the graying hair, increasing wrinkles, expanding waist line and the part about turning into my own mother. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing except for the Alzheimer's which has robbed us of our mother-daughter relationship. My mother is happy and well cared for and that is a very good thing since she planned it that way. I can only hope I can continue to live a full life in the way in which I was raised. My mom planned me that way as well. Thanks Mom.

Last week, when my sis and I visited our mother, we teased her to guess how old we were. She guessed my older sister of seven years to be eighteen and me at twenty. She says she feels like she is fifty when her real age is eighty-nine. So you see, if I continue in my mother's footsteps, my age will soon be diminishing and that won't be so bad afterall.

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