Monday, November 24, 2008

Today I'm a Sandwich

I am always fascinated when waking up to find out in which contorted position my body will be in. When sleeping with two dogs, the results can be unique as well as discomforting. My one 30 pound pug only will sleep under the covers and body slammed up against me as if trying to get under my skin. My 90 pound golden retriever likes to dramatically lounge elongated stretched out as far as possible. Sometimes I feel like a sandwich wedged in between two slabs of dough. Other times, I am hanging over the side of the bed on the verge of avalanching onto the floor. Then there are the times I am in the fetal position as if waiting to be born. One thing for certain, I can easily turn down the thermostat to save a buck during this financial crack down. I wonder if the savings equate enough to offset the price of their kibble?

1 comment:

Mindless Mary said...

Amazing how we remain in that contorted position so that we don't disturb the sleeping dogs. I do the same thing!