Friday, November 21, 2008

Did I Done It?

Today, I brushed my teeth forgetting to turn my electric tooth brush on. No big deal. Still got the job done. Just made me reminiscent of the times when more things were accomplished using manual labor. And it also brought to mind the mechanical things I do out of habit which later leaves me scratching my head and wondering if I did them at all. Or did I just think about doing them. You know the mindless things you do automatically. Taking pills, locking doors, turning off lights, flushing toilets, turning on the dishwasher, where you put your keys, where you parked your car. And then the brief moment of panic that arises when it occurs to you that you do not remember doing those things. All in all, it makes for an interesting day. Instead of a Who Done it Mystery, it is a Did I Done it Mystery. The things I do, or don't do, to make my life interesting.

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